New release Fair Finance Methodology 2020

18 February 2020

The latest Fair Finance Guide Methodology has been updated to keep pace with the newest trends and standards in sustainable finance.

As shared social and economic values have rapidly become the joint responsibility of business, government and civil society, the Fair Finance methodology continues to be an important means of bench-marking the financial sector on responsible and sustainable practice, and advocating for improvements.

With each review Fair Finance International incorporates, as much as possible, the feedback we receive from the financial institutions we engage with, and from sector experts, and a broad range of stakeholders.

This latest version of the Methodology contains a series of changes:

  • We have updated applicable international standards in themes such as Climate, Labour Rights, and Financial Sector.
  • Some redundant assessment elements were removed in themes such as Food, Animal Welfare or Mining amongst others.
  • Some new assessment elements were added or adjusted, in themes such as Transparency and Accountability, Arms and Forestry.
  • We have improved the explanations of What is at stake in themes such as Corruption, Health and Labour Rights.
  • We have clarified some definitions and the scope of applicability of our methodology, such as for the asset management for the account of clients category.