“If ever there was an example as to why the financial sector needs to be compelled to do due diligence to ensure investments are not complicit in human rights abuses, the Qatar World Cup is it”.

Fair Finance International's new report shows that almost half (47%) of the financing to construction and hospitality companies in Qatar - two sectors with documented high risks of human rights violations – is provided by European banks, pension funds and insurance companies using the savings and premiums of European citizens. In this Opinion piece for the EU Observer FFI's Kees Kodde explains more about the report's findings.


"Chile, salmon and biodiversity"

In this blog Romie Goedicke of The Hive and Hannah Lowenhardt, Program manager farming at World Animal Protection and Project officer at Fair Finance Guide NL examine how financial institutions can play a key role in the salmon industry's transition to a greener future.


"If supply chains cannot be clearly identified as free of forced labour, the businesses in question should be refrained from."

In this Opinion piece, Lukas Daniel of Facing Finance looks at which German banks finance or invest in the companies whose supply chains are linked to forced labour in the cotton industry in the Xinjiang region.


"Why today's arms industry is not a sustainable investment".

In recent weeks, the issue of the role of the arms industry in sustainable development has been hotly debated. In this article by Fair Finance Guide Sweden Project Manager Jakob König, he examines the arguments to see if and how the arms industry could ever meet sustainability criteria.


"It would not be an exaggeration to say, that this continuation of “business as usual” with the Russian oil industry has helped finance the war on Ukraine, which has already cost thousands of civilian casualties."

In this blog piece Kleopatra Partalidou - Project Coordinator of Fair Finance Germany - looks at how the oil and gas industry have responded to the invasion on Ukraine and examines the financial relationships of German financial institutions with those still engaging in Russia.


How to avoid gender inequality in access to credit financial services.

In this piece written for International Women's Day 2022 Julia Dias and Fabio Pasin of Fair Finance Brazil examine how the lack of bank policies supporting women's access to credit is a challenge and further exacerbates gender inequalities in the context of the pandemic.


"Public Development Finance investments should be anchored on social and environmental responsibility".

On the occasion of the launch of Fair Finance South Africa - FFI's first African member - this Op-Ed was written for The Star newspaper by coalition members Alia Kajee (350Africa.org), Khabonina Masango (FFSA) and Dean Bhebhe (ACRP)