Dirty Profits 10: Transformation or Resignation?

15 November 2023

Over the past ten years, 145 authors from 28 countries have contributed to the Dirty Profits publication series, looking at 102 companies that emit more greenhouse gases than entire countries, that displace people and poison habitats for the exploitation of raw materials, or that bring disease, violence and destruction instead of the promised prosperity. 

However, blaming these companies alone for past and ongoing grievances overlooks the role of financial institutions. After all, there are also banks that repeatedly finance corrupt mining companies, asset managers who sell funds with fossil fuel companies for the sake of quick returns, or life insurance companies whose investment strategies allow investments in arms companies that make profits at the expense of civil society in the devastating Yemen conflict.

The tenth anniversary edition of Dirty Profits takes a close look at the development of the financial relationships of 40 financial institutions between 2013 and 2023 and discusses the extent to which this is changing their financing and investment behaviour and whether the companies have remedied criticised environmental, social and governance abuses.

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Publisher: Facing Finance

From the publication series: Dirty Profits

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